Product Information

  1. Coil-Over

    Cusco suspension coil-over kits are used by professionals across the world in various genres of motorsports including; dirt/gravel rally racing, circuit racing, time attack, gymkhana and autocross.

    Street models are targeted for spirited highway driving, mountain roads, daily use, and enables that lowered stance that is aesthetically ideal.

    All Cusco suspension coil-overs are designed and produced in Japan by certified motorsports suspension engineers using strength simulation software and implementation of real world data logged from participation in motorsports. Each unit undergoes over 500 hours of rust and corrosion testing to bring long lasting use to the end user.

  2. Suspension Parts
    Suspension Parts

    Cusco suspension parts are designed to improve vehicle handling characteristics, whether used alone or with other Cusco parts.  When combined, they provide an elevated level of performance.

  3. Drive Train
    Drive Train

    Cusco drive train components include Limited Slip Differentials, Clutches and Flywheels.  They are essential for motorsports since its objective is to effectively tranfer the power to the wheels.

  4. Strut Tower Bars
    Strut Tower Bars
    Strut Tower Bars eliminate chassis flex at the most vital area of the car - between the strut towers, essentially to prevent the misalignment of suspension mounting points experienced during high cornering loads.
  5. Chassis Bars
    Chassis Bars
    Cusco chassis bars are engineered to prevent chassis flex during high cornering loads, keeping the suspension geometry at a static state.
  6. Roll Cage
    Roll Cage

    The primary objective of a rollcage is to protect the vehicle occupants during a roll over. The added benefits of this product is chassis stiffening properties as well as compliance with various sanctioning motorsports race bodies.

  7. Accessory &  Competition Parts
    Accessory & Competition Parts

    Since 1977, Cusco has a long history in motorsports all over the world. Through experience, various accessories & competition parts has been developed to generate success in motorsports.

  8. Engine Parts
    Engine Parts
    Cusco offers engine performance parts and OEM replacement items. You can complete your motorsports package with a variety of high quality items.
  9. Body Parts
    Body Parts
    True aerodynamics are designed to be 100% functional rather than just for aesthetics. Our items provide sufficient downforce or air flow management to help you achieve a faster lap time.
  10. CUSCO Gear
    CUSCO Gear

    Provide yourself or your team with items such as mechanics gloves, clothing or business accessories. Our range of items continues to grow with the latest trends.