Pro-Competition - Comp-X Gymkhana, Comp-X Gravel

Pro-Competition - Comp-X Gymkhana, Comp-X Gravel


Suspension coilovers made for professionals who are actively engaged in professional motorsports and demand the best.

The oversized capacity shock absorber is engineered to provide full dampening and rebound at the maximum level, suited for virtually any top level of motorsports.

Whether its tarmac (Gymkhana, Autocross, Time Attack,  Circuit Racing) or gravel (Rally Racing, Dirt Trials) this suspension will meet or exceed all tuning expectations!

Comp-X Gymkhana & Gravel [36x24 Way Damper]


Strictly designed for professional competition (Rally, Gymkhana, Tarmac, Dirt Trial), this standard coilover suspension features a large piston valve mono-tube shock absorber tailored to take the abuse. The 36 way rebound + 24 way low speed + 24 way high speed compression adjustment makes this an ideal kit for world classprofessionals. To minimize friction and heat,  a non-piston type large separated canister (external reservoir) was designed with an internal bladder  filled with nitrogen gas for additional displacement. The piston rod and tube are treated with low friction DLC coating, and the entire assembly is designed, produced, and assembled in Japan.

Customization (stroke length, spring rate, valving) and rebuild services are available at a reasonable turn around time.


This kit includes:

Comp-X exclusive front & rear coil springs.
Upper mounts sold separately
Compatible with OEM, Pillowball, and VO upper mounts.
Upper seats included with MacPherson strut type, not included with Wishbone type suspensions.







  • Newly designed adjustable base valve
  • 3 Way (36 way rebound + 24 high + 24 way low speed bump)
  • Friction less design - no piston, nitrogen filled bladder
  • DLC coated piston rod & tube
  • Gravel & Gymkhana exclusive shell casing design
  • Fully customizable (stroke length, spring rate, valving)
  • Customizable upper mounts (sold separately)
  • Can be overhauled to cater to tarmac & gravel rally