Touring A Shock Absorbers

Touring A Shock Absorbers

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OEM UPGRADE Shock Absorber Set available from CUSCO!
Enhances comfort and improves the sport driving experience.
Features 40-way adjustable shock dampening and retain factory ride height.










  TOURING-A [Direct OEM Replacement Shock Absorbers + 40 Way Adjustable Damper]

  • 40-way shock dampening adjustable
  • Upright, Twin tube, OEM dimension shock strut
  • OEM Dimension: Shock overall length, Rod Length, Stroke, Spring Seat
  • Use with Factory upper mounts, OEM (big) spring reused (Also complies to OEM dimension lowering springs)
  • Newly developed CPRV (Corrective Pressure Regulating Valve) featured
  • Retains comfort and stability especially when dampening is set at a soft level
  • Noiseless design (prevents “squishy” sounds commonly experienced with OEM)
  • CUSCO Electric Damper Control Unit "e-Con2" compatible (sold separately)
  • 140% stiffer than factory OEM dampening rate (when set at MAX Hard)
  • Springs not included. Reuse of OEM factory springs will not change vehicle height
  • 1 year 10,000 miles limited warranty (USA only)


- Impreza WRX STI (2008-2014 GRB, GVB, GRF, GVF)  Part # [Fr: 692-65T-F, Rr: 692-65T-R, Fr.&Rr. Set: 692-65T-FR]
- Legacy Touring Wagon (2009-2014 BR9/BRM/BRG)  Part # [Fr: 687-65T-F, Rr: 687-65T-R,  Fr.&Rr. Set: 687-65T-FR]
- Outback (2009-2014 BR9/BRM/BRF)  Part # [Fr: 689-65T-F, Rr: 689-65T-R,  Fr.&Rr. Set: 689-65T-FR]
- Legacy Sedan/B4 (2009-2014 BM9/BMM/BMG)  Part # [Fr: 687-65T-F, Rr: 687-65T-R,  Fr.&Rr. Set: 687-65T-FR]
- Forester (2008-2013 SH5/SH9/SHJ)  Part # [Fr: 677-65T-F, Rr: 677-65T-R,  Fr.&Rr. Set: 677-65T-FR]
- Forester (2014-Current SJ5/SJG)  Part # [Fr: 697-65T-F, Rr: 697-65T-R,  Fr.&Rr. Set: 697-65T-FR]
- BRZ (2013-Current ZC6), Toyota 86 (2013-Current ZN6)  Part # [Fr: 965-65T-F, Rr: 965-65T-R,  Fr.&Rr. Set: 965-65T-FR]

Front & Rear: $995.00 USD (MSRP)
Front Only: $560.00 USD (MSRP)
Rear Only: $480.00 USD (MSRP)


Enthusiasts who want a bit more than factory suspension
Enabling specic damper setting for varying road conditions
Users who enjoy the factory vehicle height