D1 Rollcage (Chromoly Blue)

D1 Rollcage (Chromoly Blue)

Cusco Roll Cages are available for over 300 vehicle applications and come in sport and competition use. The primary objective behind the Cusco rollcage original design is to protect the driver and passengers during a vehicle roll over. The fact that it also provides superior monocoque rigidity helps during cornering where chassis flex can hinder performance. All rollcages are designed by chassis engineers and have been proven to work throughout the world by seasoned professionals.

For sport use,  the D1 chromoly roll cages are recommended which are 33% lighter than conventional steel cages.

Many different layouts are available, from dashboard escape type, through the dashboard type, rear window & roof regulation capacity (retains rear interior & enables passengers) to suit the needs of your vehicle use. Virtually any type of rollcage can be made that complies with our safety guidelines.

*Rollcages are not intended to protect against vehicular impact collisions

**Please use accompanying safety equipment (FIA & SFI approved) such as racing seats, helmet, and harnesses.

40mm OD chromoly material

Cusco blue color

4-Point, 5-Point, 6-Point, 7-Point and 8-Point available.


  • Japanese MOT recognized/certified roll bar.
  • Price is set by roll bar type, not car type. 
  • Some chromoly roll bars are not recommended for competition.
  • 6 point and up rollcages may require interior alteration. (Switches may have to be relocated and glove boxes modified)
  • Left hand drive and Right hand drive configurations available.